1901 Edgar Karl Alfons Ende was born in Hamburg / Altona, on 23 February 1901 the son of Gustav and Auguste Ende. EDGAR ENDE
Edgar Ende: "The paternal line is supposed to be distantly related with the painter Adolf Menzel. The maternal line goes back to Sweden. Both families have rural roots. My paternal grandmother lived as a wise woman somewhere in the Sudeten Mountains".

Edgar Ende in his studio, 1954 (© L.Schlegel)
1902 Brother Helmuth Ende born (died 1986)
Edgar Ende: "Without supervision I was sitting with my brother on the windowsill. Then all my memory cease, up to the moment when my brother was brought back to the flat, covered in blood. But the events in between, the opening of the window and the fall, are completely unclear to me. In any case, I was told that I was to blame for it. Up to this day, I do not know if this is true. My brother made a full recovery, he is alive and only has a few deep scars around his head".
1907-1914 Attending "Volksschule" (school providing basic primary and secondary education) in Altona

Edgar Ende: "I have hardly any memories of how I started school. In any case, it was a time of suffering for me. I wasn't a good pupil".
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1915-1919 Apprenticeship as a painter/decorator in Altona. Examination 1919

Edgar Ende: "Eastern 1915, I started my apprenticeship. This was the beginning of a hard time for me. I had very little satisfaction, for what I had hoped for was not going to happen. The apprenticeship meant painting walls, washing ceilings and walls, pushing carts and carrying buckets of paint. Hardly anything artistic could be sensed. And beside that, I was treated badly".